Senior Home Care Interview Checklist

What to look for when choosing a home care company.

Caring for those that cared for you is never easy. Finding the right Home Care Company doesn’t happen by chance.
Whatever you do when choosing a home care company for you or your loved one, don’t settle!
It’s amazing how many families we come across who have been receiving care from other home care agencies in the area for an extended period of time and yet are not happy with the level of service they are receiving. In most cases, they have been unhappy for months and or years, yet continue the service and paying the high cost of home care for lackluster care. Having the right company in place is so important for not only our clients, but their family’s peace of mind too!
While there is an exhaustive list of items that go into making a home care company great, it’s important to look at some of the most important areas.

Do Your Research on Local Home Care Companies.

Don’t be the family who picks up the phone and chooses the first company they called just because they answer the phone and said they could help. Reach out to several area professionals such as the Alzheimer’s Association, Memory Care Home Solutions, The American Parkinson Disease Association, The Aging Life Care Association, The Case Managers Society of St. Louis or Aging Ahead (formerly the Mid East Area Agency on Aging) and ask for two or three of their top picks for home care. You’ll be looking for companies that have been recommended by multiple resources and can help ensure that you are on the right track. After getting comfortable with these companies over the phone, request two or three of your top picks to set up a free, no obligation in home assessment to help you determine the best company for you. Please check out our in home care company questionnaire to help ensure that you ask all the right questions!

When It Comes to Your Loved Ones, Have High Expectations…Don’t Settle!

Remember that the home care agency and their team are there for you to make your life easier not the other way around. Most quality home care companies will do a nice job explaining their service offering and benefits, however the people explaining the services won’t likely be the ones providing the care. In order for home care to be successful for all parties involved, everyone needs to see each person coming in the home to provide care as a “9” or “10” on your own personal scale of 1 to 10. Anything less will not work for any amount of time! Families could consider someone that they rate an “8” only if they are willing to communicate what the person could do differently to raise up to a “9” or “10”. It’s important for parties involved to have high expectations for who will be providing care and accept nothing less. Home care services are expensive and you shouldn’t have to settle!

Expect and Provide Great Communication.

To this day, I have not yet met a mind reader and don’t anticipate meeting one any time soon. Stepping into a person’s home can be very daunting, especially when the expectation from the family can be that each person know exactly what to do and say 100% of the time. This is not a realistic expectation for the family nor the caregiver. Being successful requires the client, the family, the office and the care team to have great communication skills and not be afraid to speak up with items are missed or not done according to how they have been done in the past. Over the years, I have learned that there are countless ways to load a dishwasher or fold laundry. Families will not be successful without great communication from everyone involved. Don’t let ever the small things fester. Nip these items in the bud right away and don’t ever feel bad about doing so!

Learn about the Company’s Recruiting and Retention Practices

There is a growing shortage of wonderful caregivers and a company’s recruiting, screening and retention practices really makes all the difference in the caliber of Caregivers that they will attract. Companies who have a rock solid plan and commitment to recruiting and hiring only the best caregivers will be the ones that can consistently deliver exceptional home care experience for the families they serve.

Commitment to Training and Education.

Wonderful employees who are not trained may not be so wonderful. It’s important to learn about and understand a company’s commitment to training and education of their staff. To ensure that the client and team are safe at all times, ongoing training and hands on support is critical in today’s home care environment.

Understand the Company’s Why.

Gathering information on why the company was formed and what drives them can be very helpful when making your final decision about which home care company to choose.

Understand the Company’s Culture.

Continuity and consistency of the Care Team is one of the most important requests we receive from our families today. This is all but impossible if a company does not possess a positive and supportive company culture. Inquire about the companies Mission Statement and Core Values that they live by. One thing that is very simple yet extremely important; Happy Employees = Happy Customers. A strong set of Core Values can go a long way in ensuring that your loved one has a wonderful and consistent Care Team!

If you are not happy or fully satisfied with your current provider and or situation, please don’t waste another day!

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Families Don’t Often Know What to Ask When Interviewing Home Care Companies!

So we thought we would may it easy for you!   Here is a great list of key questions that families need to be asking potential home care companies BEFORE they make their final decision.  Let’s face it, we spend hours upon hours, weeks and sometimes months researching our next new car purchase and that’s not even nearly as important as this decision!

Call around and identify 2-4 home care companies that you connected with over the phone and invite them to visit with you and your loved.   Leveraging the attached list of interview questions, you will be well equipped to make an informed decision to who is the best company for you and your specific care situation.

We often say, you only have one opportunity to introduce Home Care to your parents and or spouse.  Take your time, do your research and make a great decision!

Download our PDF (Important Questions to Ask Potential Home Care Providers) to learn more


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