When Home Care Can Help

Care. It may be a small word, but one that encompasses many emotions and physical activities when it comes to caregiving. Caring for an aging parent or spouse is demanding, both physically and emotionally. Family caregiver stress and burnout are all too common in this day and age. Seniors want to maintain their independence and dignity so they won’t usually ask for help until they’ve suffered a fall or had a hospital stay. Even in a crisis, it’s not always easy to determine when it’s the right time, and which services are needed.

Signs Home Care May Be Needed

You have noticed your loved one
  • Has a change in mobility or a recent fall
  • Stops preparing full meals, lives on TV dinners, or often says they just aren’t hungry
  • Shows signs of personal hygiene starting to slip
  • Has been recently diagnosed with dementia or other cognitive impairment
  • Forgets to take medications or misuses medications
  • Misses bills payments, or forgets to deposit checks
  • Becomes fearful about driving or limits their driving (avoids busy streets or doesn’t drive after dark)
  • Starts limiting contact with family and friends
  • Doesn’t engage with others in group situations

Family Members and Family Caregivers

It may be time to connect with a Home Care Agency when you
  • Feel you do not have the proper skills to provide direct care effectively
  • Live too far away to reach your loved one quickly in an emergency
  • Have difficulty lifting your loved one, or it’s causing physical pain
  • Lose time at work from family caregiver responsibilities
  • Put your own life, family and marriage ‘on hold’
  • Experience isolation, depression or just feel overwhelmed
  • Feel guilty and stressed, despite doing all that you can, like you’re not doing enough

You are not alone. There are resources available to prevent caregiver stress and burnout, eliminate the guilt, and restore balance to your life.

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