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Each of our Assistance Home Care locations have a dedicated Care Team to ensure that we are delivering on our promise to exceed our Client’s expectations and provide a high level of support for our employees.  Get to know our incredible team who live and breathe Assistance Home Care’s Core Values each and every day.


Madison S.

West County - Area Care Manager

Madison is the Area Care Manager responsible for West County client care plan oversight and assuring that clients have reliable care teams comprised of the absolute best fit for each family. She provides consistent assurance of quality care teams by conducting home visits in order to monitor team members and openly receive client and family feedback. Madison recently completed her Bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences and a minor in business from the University of Missouri. You can find Madison outside of work planning which concert she’s going to next or coordinating trips to visit friends and family. She has been involved with AHC from the ground up through the company being founded by her parents, Allen and Sally Serfas. Prior to its founding, she witnessed her mother take on a role of a primary caregiver for her grandmother Gearldean who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease as Madison was just starting middle school. As Gearldean’s disease progressed to a point of familiar faces becoming unfamiliar, it shaped her understanding of how having a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease causes family members to lose their loved ones not once, but twice. The life experience that Madison gained through her Grandmother having Alzheimer’s disease is what drives her to provide the absolute best level of care for families like her own who want to keep their loved ones at home as long as possible.

Gretchen O.

West County - Assistant Area Care Manager

Gretchen attended the University of Arkansas and has a Bachelor of Science in Speech Pathology and Audiology. Working in the healthcare industry has always been a calling to her and she has a passion for helping others grow and thrive while still being able to enjoy and continue their lives at home. Gretchen has been working in home care for over two years and has vast experience in the pediatric and geriatric home care population. Gretchen takes initiative at every opportunity and of the Core Values Gretchen possesses, many would say that she is always bringing sunshine and smiles wherever she goes. She enjoys reading, traveling, going to concerts, spending time with her husband, and attending sporting events especially Cardinals and Blues games. Gretchen’s “WHY” started at a young age before she even knew it and ended up becoming what drove her to work in home care. Her grandfather was a WWII veteran and suffered from Parkinson’s disease. He was a very proud, strong man and being able to stay at home longer than anticipated due to home care services which meant a great to him and her damily. Gretchen is committed to serving others and their families and is dedicated to helping our clients and care professionals succeed.

Lynn B.

West County - Management Trainee

Jen J.

Mid County - Area Care Manager

Jen ("JJ") is the Area Care Manager for the Mid-County region for Assistance Home Care. As an Area Care Manager, her role is to connect the community to resources available to support individuals stay at home as long and as safe as possible. She also remains active in client care oversight to ensure individuals are meeting their day to day care needs, and that the AHC team is meeting care expectations. She thrives on thinking outside of the box to problem solve, loves finding “silver linings” throughout the day, and is committed to ongoing education to better serve her team and families. JJ has a BA degree in Social Work, and is a Certified Dementia Specialist. Outside of her Area Care Manager role, JJ is a mother to a very active 2 year old. She participates in Leadership roles at her church as a Church Council Member and Youth Group Leader. She enjoys being creative through writing, painting, photography, and crafts. She also loves reading and cooking. Of all the AHC Core Values, JJ takes INITIATIVE at every opportunity by seeing the bigger picture and taking steps to resolve potential concerns before occurring and also setting up others for success. JJ’s “WHY” began at an early age. Her younger brother Steven, who is a year younger than she is, was diagnosed with severe autism when he was three. JJ has been fully immersed in a family caregiver role her entire life, and therefore is dedicated to supporting other families with their loved ones care needs.

Madison B.

Mid County - Assistant Area Care Manager

My daily role is to oversee client care and caregiver satisfaction. I received a master’s degree in healthcare administration from Lindenwood University and a bachelor’s degree in health communication from the University of Missouri- St. Louis. My favorite core value is providing peace of mind by being present and professional. By living this core value, I show the client and caregiver that they can rely on me. Outside of Assistance Home Care, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I also enjoy watching hockey games, walking my dog, and planning my wedding! I love what I do because I can see the difference it makes to our clients lives every day. I love feeling like I have contributed to their opportunity to stay comfortably at home and providing them with the peace of mind that they are going to receive great care.

Monika A.

Mid County - Management Trainee

I have my Bachelor’s Degree in General Studies, minor in Dance and Biology. I have been working in the Home Healthcare field since 2014 as a caregiver with various Home Health companies from St. Louis to Saint Joseph, MO. Outside of my role as a Management Trainee, I am a dog mom to a 1-year old Husky and I love to dance in my free time. Dancing has been my passion ever since I started at my church as a praise dancer to dancing throughout college. I am a very hardworking and driven woman that once I put my mind to something, I get it done no matter what it takes. Of all the AHC Core Values, my favorite is “Sunshine and Smiles Everywhere We Go” it requires so much more energy to being mad all the time so why not smile? Its contagious, and a smile a day keeps the bad energy away! My “why” began when I went to college in 2014. At first, I was just looking for a job that would fit my schedule perfectly and where I would have downtime to complete homework assignments. It did not take long at to realize working in the Home Healthcare field the clients start to become family and you really build great relationships with all the clients and staff. I started to love going to work and realized that I wanted to make a career out of this, and to continue to share the positivity, love, and joy that I bring to the field.

Michelle K.

South County - Area Care Manager

Michelle oversees the daily operations and client satisfaction of our South County clients. Michelle attended Lindenwood University where she obtained her Master's of Science in Gerontology, and a Bachelor's of Science in Psychology. Michelle has a passion for being innovative and strategic to think of new ways to help her clients and Assistance Home Care as a whole. Of all the CORE Values that Assistance Home Care instills, Michelle thrives on "Education," to better serve herself and others by exuding her curiosity and willingness to learn more about healthcare ideologies. In Michelle's personal time, she enjoys doting over her two adorable dogs, golfing, spending time outdoors, working out, reading and studying about personal growth and leadership, and Photography! Michelle's "Why," is her Father who passed away recently due to brain cancer. Michelle will always be inspired by the strength her father had throughout his illness, and how he undeniably touched the lives of so many people by always being engaging, funny, and empathetic.

Kevin K.

South County - Assistant Area Care Manager

Kevin’s day to day routine involves overseeing client and caregiver satisfaction and scheduling. Kevin received his bachelor’s in health management from Lindenwood University and has worked with the geriatric community for over 10 years. One of the core values that Kevin instills along with others would be “Empathy”. Empathy shines through Kevin’s actions in that he makes sure his clients, caregivers and office staff always feel part of the AHC family. Outside of AHC, Kevin enjoys spending time with his brothers and family. Kevin is a hockey enthusiast who also enjoys hunting, fishing, and cooking. Kevin also spends his personal time planning his wedding with his new fiancé. He was recently engaged to his high school sweetheart and is excited to start a family with her. As of most recently he has become a father to a newly acquired puppy! Kevin’s love for the healthcare field started at a young age when he, along with his brothers and father, took care of their mother when she was diagnosed with Hodgkins-Lymphoma. While corresponding with his family and mothers care team to ensure success through her battle with cancer, Kevin was also involved in the progress of his mother’s rehabilitation through double-bypass open heart surgery. Seeing his mother thrive through her situation allowed him to gain an everlasting appreciation for families who battle through adversity for their loved ones.

Jack S.

Management Trainee

Courtney K.

St. Charles County - Area Care Manager

Courtney " Court" oversees the daily operations and processes to better serve our families, caregivers, and community relationships within this location. Court has a Bachelor's of Science in Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology. She has a passion for helping people and making the process of aging whatever that may be as easy and joyful as possible. Of all the CORE VALUES that AHC possesses, Court makes sure that " Empathy shines through Our Actions and Our Person." Outside of AHC, Court is Family and Friend focused. She enjoys spending time at their farm in Madison County, hanging out with friends or simply sitting on her back porch and watching the deer and wildlife on their little piece of heaven. Her " Why" is her grandparents. Her grandfather has Alzheimer's and lost his battle with the disease about four years into it. Court was one of the primary caregivers and lived with her grandfather through every stage of the disease. That included him becoming completely dependent on Court and her mom for feeding, bathing and daily activities of living. One of the many things her grandparents instilled in her was " Family First." So Court takes that approach with every one of her families and treats them like an extension of her own.

McKaela T.

St. Charles County- Assistant Area Care Manager

McKaela's daily routine and goals are to find the perfect match of caregivers for each family's needs. McKaela attended California State University, Los Angeles graduating with a bachelors in Communications option Broadcast Journalism. The core value that McKaela portrays is "Take Initiative at Every Opportunity," with going into client's homes McKaela is not afraid to assist the clients with the proper care they need. When there is a job to be completed, it will get done! Outside of her time with the AHC family, McKaela spends every moment with her family that consists of two spunky girls, husband, and Aussie. McKaela loves to travel "home" to California to see her family and spend time near the ocean. Her hobbies include photography, hunting, and traveling. When McKaela married her husband, he was actively serving our country as an infantry Marine; making this AHC role her way of filling her cup and "Why." The community of veterans is growing with the need in care, and McKaela is happy to serve that need. Along with McKaela's grandmother suffering from Alzheimer's, her purpose and role at Assistance Home Care is fulfilling each and every day!

Abby K.

St. Charles County - Management Trainee

Abbey’s daily routine and goals are to connect with the Caregiver’s and match them to the perfect family. Abbey attended Lindenwood University and graduated with a Bachelor of Social Work and a minor in Psychology. The core value that Abbey portrays is “Empathy shines through our actions and our person”. When talking with families, client’s, and caregivers, Abbey makes sure to really connect with them and show them that she genuinely cares. Outside of her time with the AHC family, Abbey spends most of her time with her close-knit family including her new niece, older sister, and three crazy dogs. Abbey enjoys getting outside at every opportunity, watching Friends, and family game nights Abbey loves travelling to new places and especially enjoys Colorado. When Abbey was still in college, she experienced the heartache of watching her Papa pass away after a long fight with Dementia and Cancer. This experience played a role in her “why”: wanting to make sure every individual receives the best care possible and to fulfil the aging process through empathy, laughter, and memories! The experience that Abbey gained caring for her Papa is what motivates her to serve clients and their families who are experiencing the same thing!

James S.

Area Care Manager - Greater Franklin County

James is the Area Care Manager for Franklin County and surrounding areas for Assistance Home Care. As an Area Care Manager. James is responsible for client care plan oversight and matching clients to Care Teams that are trained to meet the unique needs of each family. He provides consistent assurance of quality care by conducting home visits in order to monitor team members and openly receive client and family feedback. James has enjoyed a 14+ year career in corporate development and business management with various companies including the Alzheimer’s Association of Greater Mo. James thrived with the Alzheimer’s Association’s mission focused environment, helping the Greater Mo Alzheimer's chapter achieve record growth and expand their footprint to serve families all over the state. James’s commitment to customer service, exceeding customer’s expectations and focus on employee development were the foundation of his success. James’ passion for serving the senior community stems from being a caregiver for his Grandparents who passed away from Alzheimer’s disease. His personal connection to this terrible disease is what drives James to provide the best level of care for families that need assistance.

Christina L.

Management Trainee - Greater Franklin County

Christina’s daily tasks and goals are to connect with the Caregivers and match them to create a close bond. Christina has experience as a Certified Nursing Assistant, Level 1 Med Aide, and Activities Director. Christina earned the name “Spark Plug”, as she is full of energy and always on the go! Assistance Home Care has a strong set of core values in which “Trust and Teamwork Rules”, is something Christina stands strong on. It isn’t very often you see her without her large personality. Outside of her time with the AHC family, Christina enjoys being a mother, spending time with family and friends playing cards, boating, and laughing. Christina’s WHY started when she worked in a nursing home as a CNA shortly after high school. Right away she fell in love with helping people but wanted more. She recently took care of her grandpa when suffering from cancer and hopes to make him proud. Her biggest hope is to put Sunshine and Smiles on her clients faces and to make sure they live to their fullest!

Jordan C.

Director of Nursing

Jordan C. is the Director Nursing at Assistance Home Care. Jordan received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Central Methodist University and has been acting as a registered nurse for 10 years. Working in the healthcare field has always been her passion. She began her nursing career at SSM St. Clare Hospital, working as a cardiac/telemetry nurse, while also working part time for Delmar Gardens Meramec Valley. Jordan has vast experience in Private Duty as she held the Director of Nursing position for Delmar Gardens Private Services for seven years. Jordan has gained great knowledge in geriatric nursing due to her presence not only in the hospital setting but also working in homecare, skilled nursing facilities and assisted living facilities. During her career she has also received certificates such as her Level One Medication Aide Instructor certificate and she is a Certified Medicaid Manager. Of all the CORE Values, Jordan merits education, she believes education is key to success. Educating clients, families, and caregivers about proper care needs will always develop trust, relationships, and rapport. Very important aspects when supporting clients and their loved ones in their homes. Jordan is from Kirkwood, Missouri where she raises her two daughters with her husband Robert. In her personal time, she enjoys setting up weekly tea parties with her daughters, gardening indoor and outdoor flowers, attending concerts, crafting, hosting parties, loves to experience new and trendy restaurants, but most of all she loves to travel with her family and friends. Jordan’s “Why” started at the age of 18, where she started working for the Delmar Garden’s Family as a dietary assistant. Nearly, every day after completing her shift, Jordan chose to volunteer to assist residents back to their rooms, escort them to bingo, or wheel them around the building or outside. Watching the nurses and nursing assistants care for the residents warmed her heart and inspired her to serve others. Within no time, Jordan became a certified nursing assistant and started working on a skilled rehabilitation floor. After realizing she clearly found her niche, she applied for nursing school and continued doing what she loved, caring for the geriatric community. While completing nursing school, her 92-year-old grandmother moved into her parent’s house where Jordan became the primary caregiver as her grandmother battled breast cancer. Jordan was determined to care for her grandmother as she did for many other residents at work and patients during school.

Nicole D.

Assistant Director of Nursing

Hello, my name is Nicole Doran, I am an RN and Assistant Director of Nursing for Assistance Home Care. My early nursing background includes experience in Neurosurgery, strokes, and ENT post op management and travel nursing. The majority of my nursing career has been in Hospice and Palliative Care. In the past 10 years I have held positions as a Hospice Case Manager, Palliative Care Specialist, Team Leader, Supervisor, and most recently Manager of Hospice and Palliative Care for a large hospital-based Hospice and Palliative Care adult and pediatric program in Missouri. In April of 2019, I was blessed to join the Assistance Home Care team to develop a new nursing line of service and work with the administrative team. I am proud to have created the building blocks of our current nursing program and have transitioned to a focus of client care management as well as Assistant Director of Nursing to Jordan Conley RN. My career goal is to provide illness and care management for those at home facing chronic and life-limiting illnesses with special passion for hospice, palliative care, team and leadership development, and chronic disease management within the community health spectrum of care. Outside of AHC, I am a dog mom, a super aunt, a sister, a daughter, and a lake dweller. My favorite AHC Core Value to live by is bringing Sunshine and Smiles everywhere we go!

Jennifer H.

Director of Care Pro Acquisition & Retention

Jennifer "Jen" supports the recruiting and retention efforts for our Assistance Home Care Team and the families we serve. Jen is passionate about finding the right team members that are committed to our vision of honoring one's wishes to stay at home and enrich the journey of aging with compassion, dignity and respect. Jen received her Bachelor's of Science in Business Administration with an Emphasis in Management with a minor in Human Development and Family Studies from the University of Missouri - Columbia (Go Tigers!). Jen is inspired to live our core values each and every day, but her passion for Bringing Sunshine & Smiles to each and every employee and family member is what drives her to find the very best caregivers to provide support to our families. In her free time, Jen spends her time with her husband, family and friends. She enjoys traveling, cycling, exploring, boating, volunteering, going to church, and (most importantly) playing with her two 4-legged fur-babies. Jen's why is simple- she is committed to finding the caregivers that supported her family after her father suffered a brain aneurysm rupture. The peace of mind and comfort that these angels provided to her family has motivated her to do the same for others in need. Knowing that each family, each client, and each situation is unique allows her to stay focused on finding only the best of the best because that is what your family deserves.

Sarah C.

Care Pro Acquisition & Retention Supervisor

Sarah, or Sarah Mae to her family, is our Recruiting and Retention Supervisor and supports the recruiting and retention efforts for our Assistance Home Care Team and the families we serve. Sarah received her Bachelor of Arts in Social Science (concentration in Education) in 2009, received her Elementary and Special Education certification in early 2013, and her Master of Arts in Teaching in early 2018. She spent a decade teaching and tutoring both elementary students, students with special needs, and adults, and has devoted her life to serving others in every aspect of their lives. Sarah's favorite AHC Core Value to live by is definitely to "Bring Sunshine and Smiles Everywhere we go!" because there are so many blessings in this world to be thankful for, and she loves to lift others up one smile at a time. Sarah spent her youth riding and showing horses, playing sports, and singing at church. In Sarah's spare time, she loves hanging out with her husband, Paul, their two dogs and kitty, her family, and friends. She also loves to sing at church, go camping and floating, read her books, play softball, and ride horses. Twice a week you can find Sarah and Paul volunteering at a horse therapy business where they devote their time teaching children with disabilities. Sarah's why for helping others is due to her never ending love for all people, and growing up with her mother, who's now a nurse. Sarah watched her mother take care of others and devote her life to enhancing their lives with a smile on her face while working hard throughout school. Sarah is so thankful to devote every day to finding awesome and compassionate caregivers to take care of our wonderful and unique families!!

Alex W.

Care Pro Acquisition & Retention Specialist

Alex is our Recruiting and Retention Specialist and supports the recruiting and retention efforts for our Assistance Home Care Team and the families we serve. Alex received her Bachelor of Arts in Human Rsources Management in 2015 from Lindenwood University. Alex's favorite AHC Core Value to live by is definitely to "Empathy shines through our actions and our person" because she believes there are so many opportunities in life to be compassionate and make a positive impact on others. She enjoys recruiting because it allows her to connect with professionals, hear their beautiful stories, and then be able to connect them to a family who might be in need of their unique abilities and understanding! Alex spent her youth participating in competitive figure skating, cheerleading, surrounded by family and at church youth group. In Alex's spare time, she loves hanging out with her boyfriend, their doggie Sable, family and friends. She also enjoys going to the movies, watching musicals, and finding hidden places to eat great food! Alex's why for helping others is due to her own family experiences in regards to her father's passing and her mother developing brain cancer. She has taken the initiative to take care of her mother over the past few years and had the honor of working with some amazing caregivers along the way. This is why she has the developed the love to take care of others and the ambition to find professionals who are uniquely qualified to take care of others as if they would her own mother. Alex is so thankful to devote every day to finding awesome and compassionate caregivers to take care of our wonderful and unique families!!

Jonathan Z.

Community Relationship Manager

Jonathan oversees and works closely with all the local Hospitals, Doctor’s offices and Elder Law Attorneys. Jonathan went to Spring Hill College, in Mobile AL, where he majored in Communications. Jonathan has a passion for working in the Health Care industry because of his father and his dedication and commitment to helping others in need. Of our Core Values that AHC possesses, Jonathan embodies Empathy. He knows and understands what these patients and families are going through. Jonathan will truly do anything to bring empathy and shine for the families and patients through his actions and dedication to them. He strives to make someone’s day each and every day. Outside of AHC, Jonathan loves to travel and spend time with his family. His wife Katie, son Jonathan, and daughter Avery keep him very busy with sports and activities. His why is because of his father- in -law, and grandma. He has seen the ups and downs through illness and what it takes to keep families happy, comfortable, and close together.

Liz D.

Community Relationship Manager

Becca G.

Director of Care Coordination - Care Coordination Team

Becca oversees a team of Care Coordinators whose primary goal is providing quality and consistency in staffing to ensure both client and caregiver satisfaction. Becca lives and breathes Assistance Home Care’s Core Values daily, but her passion lies in her commitment to her education to better serve others. Because of this, she is a non-traditional college student pursuing her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology at Fort Hays State University. She has spent the last sixteen years raising her three sons, Caden, Tate, and Luca, and recently inherited two “bonus” children (Jaycelyn and Maveric) through her marriage to her husband, Christofer. She loves spending time with her family (including their 6 pets!), hiking, attending live music performances, vacationing, baking, and embarking on home renovation projects. Becca’s “WHY” is inspired by her mother, Denice—she took care of mother continuously throughout the last 8 years of her life, moving Mom into her home and providing nurturing support for all her daily care needs through Hospice and end of life care. Becca also spent nearly 20 years in emergency operations, managing a 911 Call Center. She often felt limited in her capacity to help others and was compelled to extend her reach beyond the phone line to be able to touch the lives of those who needed it most in a more tangible and meaningful way.

Tiffany H.

Care Coordination On Call Supervisor - Care Coordination Team

Tiffany is the On-Call Operations Supervisor where she handles all after hours emergency situations, staffing in coming clients and supporting our caregivers and existing clients. Tiffany graduated from Everest College with her MA and is a Certified Dementia Specialist. She has a passion for supporting and problem solving on the fly. Of all the CORE VALUES that AHC possesses, Tiffany loves to communicate Clearly, Early and Often!!! She believes there is no situation that can't be handled if communicated to her. Outside of AHC Tiffany enjoys raising her four kids with the never ending support from her fiance and family. It is very important to her that she is there for them through the ups and downs of life helping them be exactly what they want to be! Her family plays a huge roll in her day to day success. Tiffanys "WHY" is the neverending feeling that she knows she is helping change the world and the lives of family's that just need someone. She wants to support everyone she meets with a open heart and ear ready to fully give herself to help them.

Shelby N.

Care Coordinator - Care Coordination Team

Shelby is a member of our Care Coordination Team at our Saint Charles Office, where she is responsible for creating consistent care teams for our clients' specific needs. Shelby is currently taking classes towards a liberal arts degree. Of all of the Core Values that Assistance Home Care upholds, Shelby believes TEAMWORK is of great importance to build relationships with our clients and caregivers. Outside of Assistance Home Care, Shelby loves spending time with her wife, Anna, and their two dogs, Winston and Arlo. Her interests include gardening, hiking, cooking, and playing board games. She is also a self-proclaimed "movie buff" who loves going to the theater to see what's new; although scary movies are her favorite! Her "why" is her Grandfather Larry, who passed away a few years ago. Larry lived his life as a humble man and would give someone the shirt off his back. Shelby tries to make him proud everyday through her work with Assistance Home Care.

Jessica W.

On Call Care Coordinator

Jessica is focused on our commitment to education and helping to oversee Care Team growth and security in skills. Jessica is one of our Certified Dementia Specialist who has had over 14 years in the Home Care field. She is dedicated to our Commitment of Education to better serve others and ourselves. She has also committed to a recent role in being a support group leader for the ADPA in the St.Charles area along with our Director of Operations and Director of Training. In her free time she enjoys being a mother to her children and family teaching them to love God and themselves and attending community events like the Alzheimer’s walk. Her why developed from an early age of being the family caregiver and then her father passing with Dementia that she had the amazing opportunity to support and care for the last 6 years of his life. She is determined to help as many people as she possibly can and be a great role model for others in this field.

Erin H.

Care Coordinator

Erin is part of the Care Coordination Team at our St. Charles location. Continuity of care is of the utmost importance, Erin helps in the team building process and assignment of our amazing Care Professionals. Erin has worked in the geriatric care field for over ten years. Her career started as a CNA and evolved into an administrative role later on. The AHC core value that means the most to Erin is; "Empathy shines through our actions and our person". Having started as a caregiver, she feels empathy and compassion go hand in hand; and you cannot serve others without compassion in your heart. Outside of AHC Erin is a mother of two who enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She loves art, music and film. She first experienced her why at an early age when a client took her by the hand and said "you're an angel for what you do for others". She knew at that moment she was a part of something much bigger than herself!

Kristin A.

Care Coordinator

Jay D.

Care Coordinator

Jay is a member of our Care Coordination Team located at our St. Charles office, where her passion lies in finding quality Care Professionals to take part in the lives of our cherished loved ones. Jay graduated from Trinity Catholic High School as a Cum laude and has a rich history of customer service. She is new to the home health care community but wanted to put her social skills and desire to help others to good use. Even though she is a newcomer to this line of work she is eager to learn and willing to try new things. Out of the Core Values that encompass our company her all time favorite one that she always abides by is “Bring Sunshine and Smiles where ever we go”. Jay believes that even a smile can go a long way to make someone’s day. Outside of AHC Jay’s hobbies include working out, hiking, cooking, doing makeup, reading, writing, making art, watching movies, spending time with her friends. She loves spending time at home with her boyfriend and their three cats: Peaches (boyfriends), Orion, and her new kitten Persephone. Her “WHY” is because of her grandmother Mary. Jay was pretty close to her mother’s parents growing up, grandma Mary passed in August 26th 2017. That was just a month after her other grandmother on her father’s side passed in July 26th 2017. Their losses took a toll on her, but she relished in her last moments with grandma Mary, visiting her in Assisted Living facilities. The staff was so kind and so professional with her grandmother, and seeing her grandma receive the best care meant more to her than anything. Plus Jay believes that our elders have stories to tell and a lot to teach us so we should listen to their voice. She also believes that grandparents are super special and irreplaceable.

Carl H.

Care Coordinator

Gina K.

Care Coordinator

Jodi P.

Director of Training & Development

Jodi is focused on making sure our awesome care teams have the highest skill set to provide the best care possible to our clients and families. Jodi received a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and an Associates Degree in Occupational Therapy. Jodi has worked with the geriatric community for 24 years and loves to spend time in the field where she can love on our clients. Jodi is dedicated to our core value of Education to better serve others and ourselves. In her free time, Jodi enjoys spending time with her large family and friends. She enjoys reading, being with her dogs and she is getting back to her love for running! Jodi has her own two personal "Whys". First of all, from all the years she has spent working with the elderly and seeing the difference a kind smile, a helping hand or just a shoulder to lean on can make in a person's life. Secondly, she recently lost her mom but she and her family were fortunate to see the difference having Assistance Home Care in their home to care for her mom and dad and how it made the transition for easier for everyone involved.

Kilee P.

Care Pro Training Support Specialist

Jessica S.

Lasting Legacies Manager

Jessica is the Lasting Legacies Manager at Assistance Home Care. She has the joy of meeting with the families we serve to capture treasured memories from throughout their lives. She uses video and/or pictures to create a keepsake video that can become part of a person’s legacy. Jessica has a Bachelor of Science in Social Work and a Masters in Gerontology. She has a passion for recognizing how unique each person truly is and she is able to capture this through our Lasting Legacies Program. Jessica believes in all of AHC’s core values, however the one she values most is providing peace of mind by "Being Present & Professional.” She listens attentively and guides our client’s, as they share their life stories. Jessica & her husband, Ryan have 3 sweet girls who keep them on the go. She enjoys reading when she finds a few free minutes, outdoor activities, cooking, and spending time with family and friends. Her “WHY” is her years she spent working in long term care. She saw the life stories of many lost though the process of various diseases. These families inspire her to encourage others to take the opportunity to allow us the honor of capturing their loved one’s unique and special memories.