Branch Operations | Team Support

At Assistance Home Care, we are committed to providing exceptional care for seniors in the comfort of their own homes. To ensure that we consistently deliver on this promise, each of our locations has a dedicated Care Team that includes home care management, support, and operations team members.

Our operations team plays a crucial role in ensuring that everything runs smoothly behind the scenes. They are responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of our locations, ensuring that all aspects of our care services are delivered with the highest level of quality and professionalism. They work tirelessly to ensure that our Care Professionals have everything they need to provide top-notch care, including ongoing training, support, and resources.

In addition to managing the logistical aspects of our care services, our operations team is also responsible for upholding our Core Values. These values are at the heart of everything we do, and our operations team is dedicated to embodying them each and every day. Get to know our home care management and operations team – they are the backbone of Assistance Home Care, and we couldn’t do what we do without them.


Kevin K.

St. Louis County - Area Care Manager

Kevin’s day to day routine involves overseeing client and caregiver satisfaction and scheduling. Kevin received his bachelor’s in health management from Lindenwood University and has worked with the geriatric community for over 10 years. One of the core values that Kevin instills along with others would be “Empathy”. Empathy shines through Kevin’s actions in that he makes sure his clients, caregivers and office staff always feel part of the AHC family. Outside of AHC, Kevin enjoys spending time with his brothers and family. Kevin is a hockey enthusiast who also enjoys hunting, fishing, and cooking. Kevin also spends his personal time planning his wedding with his new fiancé. He was recently engaged to his high school sweetheart and is excited to start a family with her. As of most recently he has become a father to a newly acquired puppy! Kevin’s love for the healthcare field started at a young age when he, along with his brothers and father, took care of their mother when she was diagnosed with Hodgkins-Lymphoma. While corresponding with his family and mothers care team to ensure success through her battle with cancer, Kevin was also involved in the progress of his mother’s rehabilitation through double-bypass open heart surgery. Seeing his mother thrive through her situation allowed him to gain an everlasting appreciation for families who battle through adversity for their loved ones.

Chris P.

St. Louis County - Assistant Area Care Manager

Chris spends his days engaging with Care Professionals to understand both the client needs and Care Pros skills to make a perfect match and ensure quality of care. He checks these matches through in house visits to see how well Care Pros and clients interact with each other and to make any necessary changes in care. Chris attended the University of Missouri and graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Health Sciences. The core value that Chris portrays is Empathy, because he understands that every situation is unique and that everyone has a different story. Chris utilizes empathy every day when connecting with families and Care Pros to help build lasting relationships. In his free time, Chris likes to exercise, attend Cardinals and Blues games, spend time outdoors, and travel whenever he can. His “Why” is his late mother who battled with breast cancer for many years. He knew how having support made a huge difference in his life and wanted to give that same support to other families in need.

Abbey C.

St. Louis County - Assistant Area Care Manager

Abbey’s daily role at Assistance Home Care consists of connecting and building strong relationships with our Families and CarePros. Abbey supports the day-to-day operations in the office and takes time to connect with each and every client. Abbey attended Lindenwood University and graduated with a Bachelor of Social Work and a minor in Psychology. The core value that Abbey portrays is “Empathy shines through our actions and our person”. When talking with families, clients, and CarePros, Abbey makes sure to really connect with them and show them that she genuinely cares. Outside of her time with the AHC family, Abbey spends most of her time with her close-knit family including her niece, older sister, and wonderful parents. Abbey enjoys getting outside at every opportunity, watching Friends reruns, and having family game nights! Abbey loves traveling to new places and especially enjoys Colorado. When Abbey was still in college, she experienced the heartache of watching her Papa pass away after a long fight with Dementia and Cancer. This experience played a role in her “why” wanting to make sure every individual receives the best care possible and to fulfill the aging process through empathy, laughter, and memories! The experience that Abbey gained caring for her Papa is what motivates her to serve clients and their families who are experiencing the same thing.

Cortnie A.

St. Charles County - Assistant Area Care Manager

Cortnie supports our St. Charles County branch as a Assistant Area Care Manager with a drive to grow professionally and serve others through education and community support. She graduated from the University of Missouri - St. Louis with a liberal studies degree in psychology and sociology. Cortnie identified early on that she wanted to make an impact in her community within a workplace that provides direct support and where she can truly see the difference she’s able to make. Outside of the office, you may find Cortnie spending time with her two children, taking long walks or catching up on the latest true crime TV show or podcast. Cortnie chose Assistance Home Care because she believes in what the organization stands for and its mission to help seniors stay at home!

Brad P.

St. Charles County - Assistant Area Care Manager

Meet Brad, your friendly Assistant Area Care Manager, supporting our St. Charles County Team at Assistance Home Care. His daily mission revolves around fostering strong bonds with our Families and Care Pros. Brad ensures smooth office operations while personally ensuring that each client receives top-notch care. When it comes to core values, 'Taking Initiative at Every Opportunity' motivates Brad to always going the extra mile in everything he does. With an Associate degree in Practical Nursing, along with certifications as a CNA and L1MA, Brad has learned the importance of proactive care and consistent scheduling. When engaging with families, clients, and Care Pros, Brad's genuine concern shines through, making everyone feel valued and understood. Brad's passion for healthcare stems from his days as a Patient Care Technician in the ER, where he found fulfillment in supporting individuals during their most challenging moments. Outside of work, Brad enjoys quality time with his wife, Kristin, and their son, Ethan, cheering on Ethan's hockey games with the St. Louis AAA Blues 16U team. As a sports enthusiast, Brad roots for our hometown teams, including the St. Louis Blues, St. Louis Cardinals, and STLSC. And here's a fun fact: Brad, a Type 1 Diabetic, once taught 4-year-old kids how to administer their own shots at an EDI camp.

Pamela S.

Senior Client Care Coordinator

Pamela's path to caring for others started with her grandmother who developed Alzheimer's and her uncle who was receiving hospice care for cancer. Pamela attended Lindenwood University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management. Pamela has worked in healthcare for many years before getting her degree as a CNA and has experience working with memory care patients in long term care. Pamela fell in love with working with the families and clients that need help, guidance, and support. Pamela's favorite core value is "Provide Peace of Mind by Being Present and Professional". Outside of Pamela's career, her focus is on her family with raising grandchildren; one of which is Autistic. Pamela enjoys outside activities such as four wheeling, fishing, and boating. Pamela is always looking forward to meeting new people and building relationships inside and outside of the AHC family.

Melissa M.

Client Care Coordinator

Melissa supports our operations as a Client Care Coordinator by matching Care Pros with our clients based on their needs and skillset to ensure a good fit. Melissa also enjoys training and supporting others in their new roles. She has been in the healthcare field for over 20 years. She started as a caregiver working her way up to training other caregivers, and then into administrative roles. She has worked with all ages, and those with mental disabilities and dementia. Melissa has a certification in behavior modification and is a Certified Dementia Specialist. Melissa is focused on our core value of continuing education to better serve others and ourselves. Melissa is determined to help as many people as she possibly can and be a great role model for others in this field. Continuity of care is of the utmost importance; she helps in the team building process and assignment of our amazing CarePros. The AHC core value that means the most to Melissa is, "Empathy shines through our actions and our person". Having started as a caregiver, she feels empathy and compassion go hand in hand; and you cannot serve others without compassion in your heart. She first experienced caring for others at an early age of 12, when she took care of her mother after her car accident and multiple surgeries. Melissa was also able to help take care of her grandparents and has continued her passion of taking care of others. Outside of AHC Melissa is a mother of four who enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She loves puzzles, music, gardening, and attending community events like the Alzheimer’s and ALS walks.

De'Andrea N.

Training Supervisor

De'Andrea's daily role at Assistance Home Care consists of connecting and supporting Care Pro's as our training supervisor. De'Andrea regularly trains and supports our Care Pro's in the home, so they are equipped with all the essential tools to provide a safe and productive environment for themselves and the clients. De'andrea's core values to provide peace of mind by being present and professional. Outside of De'Andrea's career she is a proud mom and grandmother to a beautiful family. De'Andrea enjoys spending time with her family and traveling new places.

Jack S.

CarePlus Program Manager

Jack’s daily role at Assistance Home Care consists of connecting and building strong relationships with our Families and CarePros. He works hand in hand with his team to make sure that these relationships extend into our Families homes. Jack graduated with a degree in Business Management at the University of Missouri – Columbia. He has been playing a role in the company since 2015 while still in high school, helping on school breaks and throughout the summer. The Core Value that Jack values the most is “Empathy Shines Through Our Actions & Our Person”. Empathy is something that Jack has recognized from an early age, as his grandmother suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. He saw firsthand what it looked like to truly exude empathy as his mother (Sally) was the primary caregiver for his grandmother. It was a humbling time for Jack as a kid, as he witnessed his whole family come together during this time, to make sure that his grandmother was always surrounded by the love of her family and friends. This experience is what drives him on a daily basis to understand the impact his role has on all the families that he assists in supporting, and why he is so dedicated and empowered to continuing his career within Assistance Home Care.

Iziah T.

Chicago - Area Care Manager

Iziah is the Area Care Manager at the Chicagoland Assistance Home Care office. Iziah’s role consists of engaging with Care Professionals to understand both the client’s needs and Care Professional’s skills to ensure a perfect match is made. Iziah also provides training and professional development support to the Care Pro’s to ensure that best quality of care is being provided. Iziah attended Western Illinois University and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology. Iziah is certified as a Long-Term Care Administrator and has a passion for working with the geriatric population. The AHC core value that Iziah resonates most with is “Empathy shines through our actions and with our person.” Having worked in the geriatric healthcare field throughout her college years, Iziah feels strongly that in order to make a real difference in the lives of others, one must possess both empathy and compassion. Iziah’s “why” is to live a life with purpose. By providing the best quality of care for clients, Iziah believes she is doing just that. A life of purpose can mean many things; however, caring for people is one of the most important roles a person can step into. Outside of AHC, Iziah enjoys traveling, spending time with family and friends, and taking care of her three cats--Mocha, Santi, and Coco.

Christina L.

Community Development Manager

Christina supports our Marketing Team as a Community Development Manager, focused on fostering meaningful relationships with local hospital systems, rehabs, and community partners. Christina joined Assistance Home Care in 2019 and supported our Operations Team as Assistant Area Care Manager for 3 years. Before coming to AHC her journey was being a Certified Nursing Assistant, Level 1 Med Aide, and Activities Director. Assistance Home Care has a strong set of core values in which “Trust and Teamwork Rules”, is something Christina stands strong on. Outside of her time with the AHC family, Christina enjoys being a mother, spending time with family and friends playing cards, boating, and laughing. Christina’s WHY started when she worked in a nursing home as a CNA shortly after high school. Right away she fell in love with helping people but wanted more. She recently took care of her grandpa when suffering from cancer and hopes to make him proud. Her biggest hope is to put Sunshine & Smiles on her clients faces and to make sure they live to their fullest!

Madison S.

Community Social Strategist

Madison’s involvement with serving the geriatric population stems from witnessing her mother Sally play a role as a primary caregiver to her grandmother, Gearldean who was diagnosed with dementia as Madison was just entering middle school. Her family was less than equipped when facing the several years of disease progression and had limited knowledge of resources or care options, which ultimately led to her Grandmother’s transition from her home of 50+ years to a facility. This experience fueled Madison’s drive to pursue a Health Sciences degree and be able to educate families caring for their loved one at home. Serving the company first within the branch operation & client management team, Madison now applies that experience in client care by supporting and promoting Assistance Home Care’s online and community presence. As Community Social Strategist, Madison is responsible for delivering useful and relevant content to future clients and Care Pros by ensuring that Assistance Home Care is always top of mind. When Madison isn’t researching content ideas for our social platforms, you can almost certainly find her in the trenches of our local search engine optimization campaigns, supporting our recruiting and retention team, or collaborating with our employee engagement team to highlight our recognized Care Pros.

Jessica S.

Lasting Legacies Manager

Jessica is the Lasting Legacies Manager at Assistance Home Care. She has the joy of meeting with the families we serve to capture treasured memories from throughout their lives. She uses video and/or pictures to create a keepsake video that can become part of a person’s legacy. Jessica has a Bachelor of Science in Social Work and a Masters in Gerontology. She has a passion for recognizing how unique each person truly is and she is able to capture this through our Lasting Legacies Program. Jessica believes in all of AHC’s core values, however the one she values most is providing peace of mind by "Being Present & Professional.” She listens attentively and guides our client’s, as they share their life stories. Jessica & her husband, Ryan have 3 sweet girls who keep them on the go. She enjoys reading when she finds a few free minutes, outdoor activities, cooking, and spending time with family and friends. Her “WHY” is her years she spent working in long term care. She saw the life stories of many lost though the process of various diseases. These families inspire her to encourage others to take the opportunity to allow us the honor of capturing their loved one’s unique and special memories.