Administrative Support Team

At Assistance Home Care, we believe in having the highest quality Administrative Support Team . Without their dedicated efforts, we would not be able to effectively scale our operations and continue to provide exceptional care for seniors.

From managing client records & employee benefits to maintaining precise client billing and employee payroll, our administrative support team plays a critical role in keeping our business running smoothly. They are responsible for ensuring that all of our administrative processes are efficient and effective, allowing our team to focus on providing exceptional care for our clients.

In addition to their important work behind the scenes, our administrative support team also helps create a positive and welcoming work environment through Talent Acquisition & Retention. They are always available to assist our team members with any questions or concerns they may have, and they go above and beyond to make our office a fun and enjoyable place to be.

We are incredibly grateful to have such a dedicated and talented administrative support team at Assistance Home Care. Please take the time to get to know our administrative support team – they are truly essential to our team’s mission!

Alex W.

Manager of Compliance and Benefits

Alex received her Bachelor of Arts in Human Rsources Management in 2015 from Lindenwood University. Alex's favorite AHC Core Value to live by is definitely to "Empathy shines through our actions and our person" because she believes there are so many opportunities in life to be compassionate and make a positive impact on others. She enjoys recruiting because it allows her to connect with professionals, hear their beautiful stories, and then be able to connect them to a family who might be in need of their unique abilities and understanding! Alex spent her youth participating in competitive figure skating, cheerleading, surrounded by family and at church youth group. In Alex's spare time, she loves hanging out with her boyfriend, their doggie Sable, family and friends. She also enjoys going to the movies, watching musicals, and finding hidden places to eat great food! Alex's why for helping others is due to her own family experiences in regards to her father's passing and her mother developing brain cancer. She has taken the initiative to take care of her mother over the past few years and had the honor of working with some amazing caregivers along the way. This is why she has the developed the love to take care of others and the ambition to find professionals who are uniquely qualified to take care of others as if they would her own mother.

Jill F., Certified Dementia Specialist

Payroll Supervisor and LTC Specialist

Jill is committed to supporting our caregivers and staff along with our clients. Of all the CORE VALUES that Assistance Home Care possesses, Jill brings responsibility and reliability to our team. Our mission statement of honoring one’s wishes is one of the many reasons she is part of this wonderful team at Assistance Home Care. Jill loves spending time with her boys, her sisters, and family. She likes a great day of shopping, trips to the baseball game, and Friday night family dinners. Her heart is guarded but full of love and is usually covered in dog hair… couldn’t imagine it any other way!

Vicki S., Certified Dementia Specialist

Administrative Support Specialist

Vicki helps wherever needed and greets all who enter with a smile, to let them know they arrived "HOME". After attending college in St. Louis, Vicki worked for nearly two decades in the printing industry, as a customer service representative, where she spent her lunch hours hanging out and caring for her sweet Mom, who is now 91. Vicki loves all of AHC's core values, but the one closest to her heart is bringing Sunshine and Smiles Everywhere you go. She loves the Phrase: "Bloom Where You are Planted". Outside of AHC, Vicki loves her faith, traveling, and being with her husband, adult children, and her two grandbabies. Her Why is her Dad. He passed away from a brain tumor 26 years ago and as a big, loving family, they were able to come together and care for him at home. She wants others to have the same experience. The caregivers at AHC become family and make caring for a love one at home, a reality.

Samantha M., Certified Dementia Specialist

Talent Acquisition Supervisor

As a member of the Recruiting Team, Samantha is responsible for identifying Care Professionals who fit the company's mission and core values. Samantha enjoys connecting with prospective caregivers as they share their passion and why they are called to serve others. Her own 'why' is rooted in her personal experience caring for her own great aunt. Through this experience she learned the incredible impact that helping her stay at home as long as possible before transitioning into a nursing home setting. Samantha believes that by helping identify great caregivers who provide others the ability to stay at home she is making her Aunt Lois so proud. A favorite core value of Sam's is "Spreading Sunshine and Smiles Everywhere We Go". From experience, Sam recognizes how much a smile can mean even to a stranger that is having a hard day and she even feels it over the phone when connecting with applicants! When going into client homes, it resonates with Sam to know that each of our caregivers brings them a ray of sunshine, positivity, and energy each time. When Samantha isn't connecting with prospective Care Pros, you can find her outdoors spending time with her boyfriend, playing volleyball, or with her head in her latest thriller, mystery, or romance novel.

Shannon R., MPA

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Shannon, a graduate with a Bachelor of Human Resources and a Masters of Public Affairs with an emphasis in Public Service from the University of Missouri, is deeply committed to advocating for underserved and undervalued populations. With previous experience in roles focused on aiding women and children impacted by domestic violence and human trafficking, Shannon’s passion lies in making a positive impact in her community. Motivated by her unwavering belief in the fundamental right to live and age with dignity, Shannon is particularly dedicated to ensuring proper care for our clients, emphasizing respect and kindness. As a member of the Recruiting Team, Shannon is responsible for identifying Care Professionals who fit these core values and the mission of AHC. Outside of work, Shannon enjoys reading, watching old movies and documentaries, attending music festivals with her friends, and exploring new cities.