Administrative Support Team

Companies are limited to their ability to scale their operations unless they have assembled an incredible group of individuals who are passionately committed to support the team regardless of the request.   We are blessed to have such a great team of employees supporting us and our growth and making the office a fun place to be!

Sabrina K.

Business Operations Manager

Sabrina Kuznecoff is the Manager of Business Operations for Assistance Home Care and supports the Human Resources team by ensuring that our clients are invoiced correctly and answering any billing questions our clients may have. Sabrina attended the University of Missouri- Columbia where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a minor in Business and then went on to obtain a Master’s of Arts in Rehabilitation Counseling from Maryville University. Sabrina is dedicated to Assistance Home Care’s Core Value of Trust & Teamwork to help support everyone that is a part of the AHC Family, whether that be the families we serve, our awesome caregivers, or our office staff. In her personal time, Sabrina spends her time with her family, usually running her son between activities, and tapping into her creative side through crafting and DIY projects. As far as her “why,” Sabrina has always been drawn to helping others, but when her grandfather was diagnosed with terminal cancer Sabrina saw the true meaning of love, strength and compassion through her parents as they took turns driving from Missouri to Indiana each week in order to honor her grandfather’s wishes to stay at home.

Jill F.

Payroll Supervisor and LTC Specialist

Jill is committed to supporting our caregivers and staff along with our clients. Of all the CORE VALUES that Assistance Home Care possesses, Jill brings responsibility and reliability to our team. Our mission statement of honoring one’s wishes is one of the many reasons she is part of this wonderful team at Assistance Home Care. Jill loves spending time with her boys, her sisters, and family. She likes a great day of shopping, trips to the baseball game, and Friday night family dinners. Her heart is guarded but full of love and is usually covered in dog hair… couldn’t imagine it any other way!

Tiffany H.

Employee Engagement Manager

Tiffany is the Employee Engagement Manager for Assistance Home Care. She is here to support and guide all teams both in the office and in the field with every situation no matter how big or small. Tiffany graduated from Everest College with her MA. She became a Certified Dementia Specialist in 2017 and is currently attending Eastern Illinois University. Tiffany's two favorite Core Values are "Being Present and Professional". She believes that while engaging with others they deserve her full attention. Her second favorite is "Sunshine and Smile" (Come on who doesn't love that)!!! Outside of AHC Tiffany enjoys raising her four kids with the consistent support from her significant other Jeremy and family. It is very important to her that she is there for them through the ups and downs of life helping them be exactly what they want to be! Her family plays a huge role in her day-to-day success. Tiffany’s "WHY" is the never-ending feeling that she knows she is helping change the world with every positive conversation/smile and the lives of family's that need extra support. She wants to support everyone she meets with an open heart and ear ready to fully give herself to help them.

Alex W.

Human Resource Generalist

Alex received her Bachelor of Arts in Human Rsources Management in 2015 from Lindenwood University. Alex's favorite AHC Core Value to live by is definitely to "Empathy shines through our actions and our person" because she believes there are so many opportunities in life to be compassionate and make a positive impact on others. She enjoys recruiting because it allows her to connect with professionals, hear their beautiful stories, and then be able to connect them to a family who might be in need of their unique abilities and understanding! Alex spent her youth participating in competitive figure skating, cheerleading, surrounded by family and at church youth group. In Alex's spare time, she loves hanging out with her boyfriend, their doggie Sable, family and friends. She also enjoys going to the movies, watching musicals, and finding hidden places to eat great food! Alex's why for helping others is due to her own family experiences in regards to her father's passing and her mother developing brain cancer. She has taken the initiative to take care of her mother over the past few years and had the honor of working with some amazing caregivers along the way. This is why she has the developed the love to take care of others and the ambition to find professionals who are uniquely qualified to take care of others as if they would her own mother.

Vicki S.

Administrative Support Specialist

Vicki helps wherever needed and greets all who enter with a smile, to let them know they arrived "HOME". After attending college in St. Louis, Vicki worked for nearly two decades in the printing industry, as a customer service representative, where she spent her lunch hours hanging out and caring for her sweet Mom, who is now 91. Vicki loves all of AHC's core values, but the one closest to her heart is bringing Sunshine and Smiles Everywhere you go. She loves the Phrase: "Bloom Where You are Planted". Outside of AHC, Vicki loves her faith, traveling, and being with her husband, adult children, and her two grandbabies. Her Why is her Dad. He passed away from a brain tumor 26 years ago and as a big, loving family, they were able to come together and care for him at home. She wants others to have the same experience. The caregivers at AHC become family and make caring for a love one at home, a reality.