We are committed to caring for people who care for people. 

Growing up in the house “on the corner” was truly special. Mom cared not only for our family, but for the whole neighborhood. When Alzheimer’s knocked at her door, our family answered the call to care for her the way she cared for us.

For five years, we provided daily care for mom while supporting dad and raising our three small children on top of juggling everything else that goes along with a busy life. Honoring our parents’ wishes to stay at home was one of the most difficult, yet personally rewarding experiences of our lives.

This journey helped us identify the incredible need that exists for families caring for a loved one at home. We dedicate each and every day to helping those family caregivers who are helping support their family’s foundation and honoring their loved one’s wishes to remain safe and as independent as possible at home.



“We founded Assistance Home Care in honor of my Mom.  The most important thing to her was her family and having good quality time together. And that was usually done right around the   kitchen table.   It is our commitment to you to help bring your family back around the table. Let us do the busy work, so that you can have good quality time with your family.”

– Sally Serfas, Co-Founder & Chief Care Officer

Why We Started Assistance Home Care

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“We started our company in honor of my mother- in-law, who we lost to Alzheimer’s and to all family caregivers who selflessly give so much to help their loved ones through life’s journey,” recalls Allen Serfas.

“My father-in-law was a very proud and private man who never thought once about having anyone else come into their home to help! He had four daughters, and he thought that they would be all the support that he would need. My wife, Sally, was the primary caregiver for her mom for five years while raising our three kids. Our family recognized firsthand the commitment needed along with the endless challenges associated with being a full-time caregiver.”

Even though the need is there, many families are reluctant to reach out for help for a host of reasons. The Serfas’ strive not only to provide the very best caregivers, but also to help educate families, particularly elders, about needs they often may not recognize.

“We have the ability to come in and help change their perspective about what home care looks like,” Serfas says. “No parent likes to have their kids telling them what to do. I don’t care how old one gets. But we help put our client’s at ease and let them know that mostly this care is not even for them – it’s for their children as they need the peace of mind it brings. Let’s face it, the Sandwich Generation has a lot on their plate; their focus and worry about their parents might be impacting their work and putting their job at risk, or maybe their marriage is slipping because every free moment of their time is spent caregiving. As a family caregiver, there’s not much that is not impacted in significant ways. We communicate to the parents that they may be doing okay but their kids still worry and truly need the extra peace of mind that home care can provide. As I see it, most parents will do anything for their kids, but won’t do a darn thing for themselves. So, instead of them feeling helpless, it makes them feel like they are helping their kids out.”

Assistance Home Care’s customized care can consist of a few hours a week up to 24/7 full-time care. Services include: Companion Care to provide socialization, friendship, conversation and support; Personal Care which consists of dressing, grooming, feeding and hygiene assistance; Household Support such as assisting with meals, cleaning, laundry & doctor appointment coordination, Transportation Support, which includes driving to doctor’s appointments, grocery shopping or to social activities.

In order to continue to support the growing need, one of their key focus areas is finding wonderful caregivers who have a genuine passion for helping others in their community. Recruiting top notch caregivers is a huge priority for Assistance Home Care.

“In our recruiting efforts we look for the 9’s and 10’s and don’t settle on anything less. Combining this with our rigorous 16 step hiring process has been at the foundation of our success. Since I find that every home care company feels that there their employees are fantastic, we take this one step further. We ask every family we provide care for to not to allow anyone to assist in their home unless they can confidently rate everyone on their Care Team as a “9” or a “10” on their own personal scale of one to ten.”

Assistance Home Care has a solid reputation, a great team and a network of neighborhood locations. This enables our team to quickly respond to customer’s questions and needs. In many cases, they can arrange to meet with a family within two hours of their call whether that is at the client’s home, hospital or rehab center to answer any and all of their questions. With this information, Assistance Home Care can develop a customized care plan around their specific care needs and goals. Their response time is about the same when a family has an unexpected care need arise and need assistance on short notice.

“It’s nice to offer the care that families need, when they need it, where they need it and for as long they need it; only paying for it when they use it. All of this with no contracts, minimums, or commitments. Providing peace of mind and our commitment to serve is at the foundation of what we do. It’s about honoring our client’s wishes and always putting them first. This is what we aim to do with each and every client, each and every day.”

Our Mission Statement:

“When Moving Isn’t An Option…™ We are committed to assist in honoring one’s wishes to stay at home and enrich the journey of aging with compassion, dignity and respect.”

“Thank you so much for your compassion and sympathy as well as for providing us with the perfect team to work with Louise, our aunt. Your support throughout her last days is immeasurable. ”
- Pat G
"Our decision to go with your company was clear when we saw the personal connection you made with our family at the initial meeting. You demonstrated genuine compassion for my dad and our family. Thank You! May God Richly Bless You, Your Family and Your Staff for your passion to care for others."
- Vickie E
“Our family will always be grateful to the loving care provided by Assistance Home Care. They truly helped us carry our load leaving more time to simply 'be' with our loved one in his final days.”
- Cathy G
“ As a RN case manager who was working full-time and caring for dad at my home in his last months, I was very particular about who I wanted to care for dad when I had to leave the house. The respite care provided was caring, confident and made me feel very secure.”
- Mary C
“Everything runs very smoothly with the arrangements we have made with them and probably most importantly, my father's spirits have improved and he so looks forward to his care giver coming. I highly recommend this organization to anyone searching for quality, caring, excellent service. ”
- Susan M

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