Medline Incontinence Bed Pads are an essential solution for anyone dealing with incontinence issues. These large disposable underpads measure 36 x 36 inches, offering generous coverage and protection for beds and furniture. The pads are designed with heavy absorbency, making them ideal for adults, kids, and babies alike, ensuring a hygienic and comfortable experience.

Whether you’re a caregiver looking after an elderly loved one, a parent with a baby experiencing nighttime accidents, or someone with incontinence challenges themselves, these quilted Chucks pads provide a reliable and effective barrier against leaks and spills. The green color not only adds a touch of vibrancy but also helps to distinguish the absorbent side from the non-absorbent side.

With a pack of 50, you can rest assured that you’ll have an ample supply to manage incontinence needs efficiently and affordably. The Medline Incontinence Bed Pads offer peace of mind, allowing individuals and caregivers to focus on the important aspects of their lives without worrying about accidents or messes. The combination of quality materials, large size, and heavy absorbency makes these underpads an indispensable aid for maintaining a clean and comfortable environment, promoting dignity and convenience for all users.

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