Today, as we observe Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the team at Assistance Home Care is filled with a profound sense of pride and commitment. This marks an important moment for us, as we not only celebrate this day but take meaningful action by adding it to our official company holidays effective January 1st, 2024.

For the first time, our offices will be closed today as a mark of respect and reflection on the profound messages of Dr. King. We do this to honor his timeless messages and reaffirm our commitment to a world where every individual is valued and respected.

To our team members working today, we thank you for your unwavering commitment to supporting our clients & their families.

Dr. King’s dream of a world where individuals are judged not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character serves as a guiding light for us. This vision aligns seamlessly with our values at Assistance Home Care.

Our company’s core values, including “I am committed to respecting myself, my clients, and my team each and every day,” resonate strongly with Dr. King’s teachings. Just as he advocated for respect and equality, our commitment to respecting every individual mirrors his timeless message.

We are more than just a team; we are united by a common goal of serving and uplifting others, recognizing the inherent dignity in every person we care for. Let us take a moment to reflect on Dr. King’s message of love, unity, and equality.

As we continue to work together, grow together, and most importantly, support one another regardless of race, color, or creed, we become a better company, a better community, and a better world. It is through listening to one another, respecting one another, and living by these powerful concepts that we truly make a difference.

Enjoy this special day of reflection, unity, and celebration at Assistance Home Care.

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