Celebrating our Newly Credentialed Certified Dementia Specialists!

Celebrating our 6 Newly Credentialed CARES® Dementia Specialists™

At Assistance Home Care, dedication to providing exceptional care to our clients is at the heart of everything we do. In the first quarter of this year, we are thrilled to celebrate the accomplishments of six outstanding team members who have earned their CARES® Dementia Specialist™ (C.D.S.) credential through HCInteractive. Join us in congratulating Kimberly B., Cathy C., Fennic F., Jasmine J., Amanda S., and Kanesha T. for their commitment to enhancing their skills and expertise in dementia care.

About the C.D.S. Credential Program

The CARES® Dementia Specialist™ (C.D.S) credential covers an extensive curriculum, spanning over 40 hours of training and culminating in a rigorous credentialing exam. This comprehensive program equips caregivers with the knowledge and techniques necessary to provide specialized care for individuals living with dementia and their families.

Throughout their training, Kimberly, Cathy, Fennic, Jasmine, Amanda, and Kanesha delved into topics such as:

  • CARES® Dementia Basics™: Understanding the fundamentals of dementia care, including the importance of communication and the CARES® Approach.
  • CARES® Dementia Advanced Care™: Learning advanced techniques for making connections, managing daily activities, and addressing dementia-related behaviors.
  • CARES® Dementia-Related Behavior™: Exploring strategies for understanding and responding to challenging behaviors associated with dementia.
  • CARES® Activities of Daily Living™: Mastering essential skills for assisting with daily activities while preserving dignity and independence.
  • CARES® End-of-Life Dementia Care™: Providing compassionate care and support to individuals with dementia during the end-of-life stage.
  • CARES® Dementia Care for Families™: Empowering families with the knowledge and skills to care for their loved ones with dementia effectively.

By completing this comprehensive training program and passing the credentialing exam, Kimberly, Cathy, Fennic, Jasmine, Amanda, and Kanesha have demonstrated their dedication to excellence in dementia care. Their commitment to professional development not only enhances their own skills but also elevates the standard of care we provide at Assistance Home Care.

C.D.S. Connection to Core Values

In recognition of their dedication to enhancing their skills and expertise in dementia care, each of our team members who earned the CARES® Dementia Specialist™ (C.D.S.) credential will receive a $500 Education Bonus.  Available to all employees, this benefit reflects our core value of being “Committed to Education to Better Serve Others and Ourselves.”

We believe that investing in education not only enriches the lives of our team members but also enables us to provide the highest quality of care to our clients. Congratulations once again to Kimberly B., Cathy C., Fennic F., Jasmine J., Amanda S., and Kanesha T. for their outstanding achievement!

At Assistance Home Care, we are proud to have such dedicated and skilled professionals as part of our team. Together, we will continue to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve.

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