Stroke Care at Home

Taking care of a loved one who has had a stroke, series of strokes or TIA’s can be an emotional and challenging experience. However, with the help of full-time home care, your loved one can receive the personalized attention they need for their long-term health and well-being, all while being in the comfort of familiar surroundings. One of the major benefits of home care over a care facility is that it allows for a more individualized care plan that can adapt as the needs of the loved one change over time. This flexibility is important for long-term care planning as stroke complications often require continuous attention. Moreover, home care is often a more cost-effective option compared to care facilities and the peace of mind that comes with home care is invaluable for both the caregiver and the family.

Home Care Services for Strokes and TIA’s

At Assistance Home Care, we understand the importance of providing quality care for stroke patients. Our agency offers a wide range of home care services, including assistance with personal care, mobility assistance, medication reminders, therapy & exercise support, meal preparation, and companionship.  It’s also important to note that strokes can affect each person differently, and one’s management of care should be tailored to their specific needs. In order to ensure that your loved one receives the best care possible, it is important to work closely with their healthcare team, our agency, and your loved one themselves to create a comprehensive and personalized care plan that addresses their unique needs and goals. In most cases, families whose loved one is impacted by a stroke coordinate full time care, overnight care or 24/7 home care support schedules to provide the most peace of mind.

Personal Care

  • Hands on assistance with ambulation to prevent falls
  • Safe utilization of assistive devices like walkers, canes, sara lifts or hoyer lifts
  • Assistance with feeding and hydration in accordance with dietary regimens
  • Providing hygiene assistance and incontinence care
  • Preserving one’s self-image by supporting with both dressing and grooming tasks
  • Assistance with a safe bathing environment
  • Reminder services (medications, dates, appointments, routines, etc.)

Meaningful Activities for Stroke Patients

  • Encouraging and promoting exercise, therapy regiments and tracking progress towards care plan goals
  • Providing socialization, friendship, conversation and emotional support
  • Engaging in one’s interests or hobbies to support cognitive and emotional wellbeing
  • Connecting clients to family and friends through traditional or electronic platforms

Daily Household Support

  • Preparing and serving meals according to client’s dietary needs
  • Cleaning the bathroom and kitchen after use
  • Assistance with tidying the client’s room and living area
  • Supporting hygiene by helping with washing clothes and bed linens
  • Assistance with transportation, accompanying the client to appointments, etc.
  • Shopping and performing other household errands

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