Late Stage Dementia Care

Families navigate a tremendously difficult and emotional journey caring for a loved with dementia as it progresses to mid and late stage dementia. Our local team of Dementia Specialists are committed to providing full time care and support for your loved one to remain at home safely. As a wise woman once said, “There’s no place like home…”. For an individual living with dementia, being at home in a familiar place can provide comfort and reassurance amidst the changes they experience. We firmly believe in our ability to provide skilled and professional memory care right within one’s home. Our mission is one that supports our client’s ability to safely remain at home with a focus on quality of life and dignity.

Our Approach to Late Stage Dementia Care at Home:

  • Providing hands on support to one’s mobility and fall prevention
  • Preserving one’s dignity through bathing and grooming care
  • Ensuring a safe home environment for everyone involved with proper assistive equipment
  • Promoting well balanced nutrition and hydration intake
  • Engaging one in meaningful and inclusive activities to enrich their daily visits
  • Providing family caregivers with necessary breaks, respite or ability to get a good night’s rest

From our roots, our team understands how the progression of dementia to mid and late stages can impact a family. Let our local team of dementia care specialists provide with you peace of mind by serving your loved one at home.

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