Home Oxygen Safety Checklist 

  1. Mark all entryway’s to the home with “Oxygen in Use” signs.  
  2. Do not use any flames, candles, burning incense, gas stove flames or any other spark causing devices in the same enclosed room and/or within 20 feet of the oxygen equipment or supplies.   
  3. NEVER smoke with oxygen on or around someone using oxygen.  This includes Vaporizers, cigars, or cigarettes.   
  4. Keep flammable products (aerosols, nail polish remover, paint thinner, etc.) in a separate room from the oxygen and supplies 
  5. Do NOT use petroleum products (Vaseline, Blistex, etc.) while wearing oxygen.  
  6. Keep all Oxygen sources and supplies (including tubing) at least 20 feet or more from electrical appliances, gas stoves, candles, lighted fireplaces, portable heaters, or other heat sources.  
  7. Keep a working Fire extinguisher on each level of the home.   
  8. Keep a working Smoke detector on each level of the home.  
  9. Oxygen cylinders should be stored either lying on the floor where they cannot roll, fall, or get hit or secured in an upright position to a fixed object or in a stand.  
  10. DO NOT store the cylinders in a confined area (i.e., closet, trunk).  
  11.  Oxygen concentrators should be plugged into a surge protector or grounded outlet.   
  12. Do NOT use extension cords for oxygen concentrators. 
  13.  Keep the concentrator at least 12 inches from a wall to avoid overheating.  
  14.  Maintain the oxygen concentrator per oxygen company’s instructions.  
  15.  Liquid Oxygen concentrators should be in an open area and not used as a table or covered with a sheet, tablecloth, etc. 
  16.  Notify the electric company that your home has an oxygen concentrator that runs on electricity.