In-Home Short-Term Care

Short-Term Elder Care Support

Assistance Home Care provides customized care solutions to meet your needs.  Things can happen quickly and you need a home care partner that can assist in a moment’s notice and respond with a care team that can help when you can’t.   Our short term home care plan can provide families with the help they want and deliver it when and where they need it.

Short Term Home Care can help with:

  • At the hospital providing peace of mind knowing that your loved one has a patient advocate.
  • When business or family functions call you out of town for a few days, week(s) or month.
  • To assist with care during an extended illness of your loved or the family caregiver.
  • To allow the family caregiver or spouse to attend to their own care needs and/or surgery.
  • Not having to rush – provide families additional time to determine what is the best care options for their loved one.

Being the primary caregiver for someone you love can be one of the most difficult things a person can do.  Especially, when you need to take time for yourself or your family.  Don’t worry any longer knowing that Assistance Home Care can assist you on a temporary basis all with no minimums, no contracts and a ton of flexibility.   Call Assistance Home Care Today!   314-466-3227



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