Senior Respite Care in St. Louis & Chicago

Everyone needs a break at some point. Utilize our Respite Program to get the care and support you need today!

Family caregivers are the “glue” holding everything together to help care for their loved one at home. The level support required is non-stop and not often recognized and or appreciated by the care recipient or others in the family creating a tremendous amount of stress, bouts of depression and resentment. It’s important for the family caregiver to know that they can and should plan and make time for themselves to recharge, engage in hobbies, visit friends or run errands with peace of mind.

Assistance Home Care’s Respite Program Provides:

  • “Peace of Mind” knowing that you can; focus on you, visit family, take a vacation, go out with friends, etc.
  • Customize a care program that supports you to have regular respite, or breaks from providing full time care for a loved one.
  • Creates a support group that’s dependable and consistent. Almost like having days ‘off’ where you can step away and maintain peace of mind that your loved one is well cared for at home!
  • A respite program that is available so you can say “Yes!” to a call from a friend and you CAN grab lunch knowing have respite scheduled a few days a week!

There’s no shame in taking a break! After all, you are holding all the pieces together and your commitment to your loved one is amazing. Don’t forget to take time for yourself a few times a week to recharge your batteries as a full time caregiver.

Call us today to discuss how a individualized respite program in the Greater St. Louis and Chicago area can do wonders for both you and your family member: 314-466-3227


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