We are excited to announce that after 8 long years, we were finally able to secure the www.assistancehomecare.com domain name!   The AssistanceHomeCare.com domain has  proven to be quite elusive over the years as we had been unsuccessful at trying to secure it since our earliest days.   Thus we have used countless other sites over the years:

assistancehomecares.com / stlhomecare.com / assistanceathome.com / assistancehomecarestlouis.com / assistancehomecarestcharles.com / assistanceseniorhomecare.com / assistanceinseniorhomecare.com / assistanceinhomecare.com / assistingyouathome.com / homecarestl.com / assistanceathomecare.com / homecareinstlouis.com / stlhomecarecompany.com / assistancehomecarewestcounty / assistanceathomeseniorcare.com ……….plus 35 others!

All leading to one day of obtaining the Holy Grail…… www.assistancehomecare.com

It just goes to show that a lot of good old fashioned persistence can help get the job done!

We are excited to know that our Home Care Clients and Our Care Pros will be able to find us much easier on the internet now!


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