Transitional Care

Our Hospital to Home Program Helps One Stay at Home!

Much relief and excitement is shared about the opportunity to go home after a hospital or lengthy rehabilitation stay. Families often fail to fully realize the impact that the recent hospitalization has had on their loved one. Introducing in home care is one of the most proactive things you can do to ensure your trip home will be successful and provide you with peace of mind. There is no better time to introduce the idea of home care than when someone is coming home from the hospital or rehab. Don’t miss this opportunity to introduce home care services when it makes the most sense to everyone involved, including your loved one. Avoid the typically response from many of our clients, “Let’s wait and see how I feel after I get home.” Don’t take that chance. There’s too much at stake.

Our Transitional Hospital To Home Program consists of:

  • Transportation assistance back home, to appointments, etc.
  • Assistance with meeting special dietary needs and overall hydration and meal preparation
  • Assisting our Client with Care Plan monitoring and exercise goals
  • Picking up any new prescriptions and monitoring any potential side effects
  • Assistance with mobility to help reduce likelihood of falls
  • Scheduling timely follow up visits with Primary Care Physician

Our goal is your goal, and it’s simple…Avoid hospital readmissions, assist with your loved one’s safe discharge home, rehabilitate, regain strength and assist them in continuing to stay independent at home.

When Moving Isn’t An Option… Ensure You Select The Best Home Care Company!