It Pays to Invest in Home Care Safety

One of Assistance Home Care’s  core values is ‘Committed to Education to Better Serve Others and Ourselves’. Our administrative and training team recently learned of an opportunity that appealed not only to this core value of Education, but also served in promoting best practices in safety protocols when providing direct care.

The opportunity presented was through our Worker’s Compensation company, Missouri Employer’s Mutual (MEM) and their Safety Grant program, which provides a 1-to-1 matching of funds  for the purchase of approved equipment that enhances safety in the workplace.

Since 2016, MEM’s Safety Grant Program has awarded 38 grants to 28 unique policyholders (businesses) specifically related to the healthcare field. The awarded grants total at $204,567 and have impacted over 2,300 employees.
Two years prior to these implemented grants, the 28 policyholders experienced 137 claims totaling $1,766,250. Two years post-implementation of the Safety Grant, the same policyholders experienced only 8 claims totaling $18,974.*
*Note: 26 out of 38 awards have complete year post-implementation data. The remaining 12 awards have incomplete two year post-implementation data as the implementation data occurred less that two years ago. 

This multistep application process for the safety grant included;

  • Pre-planning to identify areas of safety and equipment opportunity
  • Connecting with a Safety and Risk Consultant after submitting a Consultation Request Form
  • Participate in a Safety Grant Consultation in order to be granted access to the complete Safety Grant Application

In the 11th cycle of Safety Grant Program, MEM surpassed $2 Million in awarded grants to Missouri businesses. During the same cycle, Assistance Home Care was granted approval for their safety project of an industry leading training equipment tool, a TERi™ Geriatric Training Manikin.

With the support and confidence of our MEM, Assistance Home Care was able to move forward with the purchase of not one, but two TERi™ Geriatric Training Manikins.

Each to support and enhance safety and training protocols in both our St. Louis and Chicago markets.

The matching of funds that the Safety Grant Program provided allowed us to double-down on our our employees’ safety for years to come!

Assistance Home Care is proud to share our continued commitment to not only education, but also to the safety of our employees and the clients we serve.

We commend MEM for their growing safety grant program initiatives to serve their policyholders and employees’ safety.

Want to learn more about TERi™ in action? Connect with local our Training & Development Manager, Jodi today!

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