MLK Day 2022
Assistance Home Care honors Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s values, service and legacy.

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?'”

– Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


Steadfast commitment to serving others is shared in Dr. King’s message to us. Within all aspects of our mission, our team honors the value of serving others by respecting one’s self, one’s teammates, and one’s clients each and every day.

This quote is one that sparks an essential conversation with one’s self and others around them to determine whether their words, intentions, actions and inactions are in alignment with one’s mission of commitment to service. Proclaiming this commitment to serve others encourages each of us to reassess this Dr. King’s quoted question not only in one’s professional setting, but also within one’s personal life and those within it.

Dr King’s words teach that each of us has the opportunity as well as the responsibility on a daily basis to ask themselves, ‘What more can I do to serve, support and foster inclusivity of others?’.

Assistance Home Care’s team honors the steadfast and critical values and service of Dr. King and invite our community to lead and serve others with his values of selflessness and inclusion for all.

Discover more about Assistance Home Care’s core values and its root message of RESPECT to one’s self, one’s team and one’s clients each and every day and commitment to serving others.
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