• EASY-TO-USE: NO installation, NO assembly, NO problem!! This mobility & daily living seat lift for seniors, which can be attached to recliner chairs for the elderly, is revolutionary. Simple up/down buttons will inflate/deflate the cushion steadily as you sit down and stand up.
  • HIGHLY CONVENIENT: Lightweight and safe to use. This seat risers for elderly are suitable for any type of chair, armchair, sofa, or even outdoor park benches that were designed to enable the elderly to maintain their independence, as much as possible. Not applicable on chairs with wheels (wheelchair, rollator walker) and on a rotating office chair.
  • UNIQUE DESIGN WITH ZERO (0) ELEVATION WHEN DEFLATED: Comfort is essential, especially for extended sitting period. SitnStand is the ONLY product that lets you feel like you’re still sitting in your favorite chair when it’s deflated (level 0). Its perfect ergonomic design that maintains steadiness and a cozy feeling makes it stand out from other products.
  • PATENTED (No US10400907): Lift seat for elderly that weighs up to 400 lbs. It is handy for small or tall adults due to its 4 chambers inflating to various height levels. Seniors will find it indispensable to help get up from a chair at home or outdoors.
  • STANDARD PACK INCLUSIONS: SITNSTAND RISING SEAT UNIT, BATTERY, and CHARGER ONLY, WITHOUT BAG included that weighs 5kg (11lbs). The chair lift pillow cover is removable, and machine washable. Best chair assist to help you stand up. Uplift yourself today!


Portable Smart Rising Seats - 400lb Chair Lift for Seniors, 100% Stand Assist

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