In today’s world, creating an inclusive and accepting workplace culture is a vital aspect of any organization’s success. Assistance Home Care recently conducted our 2023 Great Place to Work Survey to gauge the satisfaction and experiences of our employees, both office employees and Care Professionals within our St. Louis & Chicago operating areas.

The survey results speak volumes about our Team’s commitment to promoting diversity, inclusivity, and a positive work environment. In this blog post, we will delve into the survey responses and explore how Assistance Home Care employees support an inclusive culture that aligns with the celebration of Pride Month, Diversity & Inclusivity and our Team’s Mission Statement, “I am committed to respecting myself, my clients and my teammates each & every day!”.

Great Place to Work Survey Findings

The 2023 Great Place to Work Survey, which had a sample size comprised of responses gathered from 75% of Assistance Home Care employees, revealed remarkable levels of agreement regarding the company’s commitment to fairness, acceptance, and inclusivity. Here are some noteworthy findings:

  1. Fair Treatment Regardless of Sexual Orientation: A staggering 97% of respondents agreed that “People here are treated fairly regardless of their sexual orientation.” This overwhelming consensus highlights Assistance Home Care’s dedication to creating an environment where individuals can bring their whole selves to work, irrespective of their sexual orientation.
  2. Authenticity and Self-Expression: 95% of employees agreed that “I can be myself around here.” This statistic reflects the inclusive atmosphere fostered by Assistance Home Care, where individuals feel comfortable and valued for their unique identities. By embracing diversity and encouraging authenticity, the company empowers its employees to thrive both personally and professionally.
  3. Fair Treatment Regardless of Gender: 97%  of survey respondents agreed that “People here are treated fairly regardless of their gender.” This statistic demonstrates Assistance Home Care’s commitment to gender equality and its recognition of the importance of equal opportunities and treatment for all employees, regardless of their gender identity.
  4. Prioritizing Diversity and Inclusivity: 96% of employees agreed that “I believe my organization prioritizes diversity & inclusivity within the workplace.” This impressive response reflects Assistance Home Care’s dedication to creating a diverse and inclusive workforce that values and respects individuals from all walks of life.

Supporting Pride Month and the Team Mission Statement:

All in all, our Team feels these survey results tie in perfectly with Pride Month, which is all about celebrating and promoting inclusivity, acceptance, and equality for the LGBTQ+ community. By treating employees fairly, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender, Assistance Home Care creates a workplace where everyone can thrive. It’s fantastic to hear that our employees truly feel that our organization aligns its values with the spirit of Pride Month.

Let’s address the numbers from the data we shared. While the survey responses are overwhelmingly positive, they’re not at 100%. But here’s the thing: each of us at Assistance Home Care is fully committed to our team’s experience both inside and outside of work. Our leadership team recognizes there is still work to be done, and will continue to strive to make our team’s culture of fairness, acceptance, and inclusivity even better each and every day for all.

Learn more about our team’s culture on Assistance Home Care’s Great Place to Work profile!

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