Spring Time Activities for Seniors & Caregivers

March 20th, 2023 is the first day of Spring! Spring is a beautiful season and a great time for seniors to get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. Here are some tips on how seniors and caregivers can stay active and engaged during the spring season while taking into consideration mobility limitations and other health concerns:

Have Lunch In A Garden or Plant Your Own!

Gardening is a great way to get outside and enjoy the beauty of nature. Joining a gardening club can be a great way to learn new skills, offer seed exchanges and make new friends. For seniors with mobility limitations, raised garden beds or container gardening can be great options for seniors wishing to garden this spring.

Picnics are a great way to enjoy the outdoors and spend time with loved ones. Find a park or outdoor space with accessible picnic tables or benches, and bring along some healthy snacks and drinks.

Many outdoor activities can be adapted for seniors who use a wheelchair. Parks and outdoor spaces with wheelchair-accessible paths or ramps can provide a great opportunity for a wheelchair-bound senior to enjoy the outdoors. Other activities, such as gardening or picnics, can also be adapted by making sure that any areas are wheelchair-accessible and that seating or tables are at the appropriate height.

Attend a Community Event or Farmer’s Market

Many communities host outdoor concerts and events during the spring and summer months. This is a great opportunity to get outside and enjoy some live music or entertainment. Be sure to bring along a comfortable chair or blanket and wear appropriate clothing for the weather.

Visiting a local farmer’s market is a great way to enjoy fresh, healthy foods and support local farmers. Seniors can bring along a reusable bag or basket and take a leisurely stroll through the market, enjoying the sights and sounds of the season.

Many seniors may need transportation to and from outdoor activities. Caregivers can provide transportation in their own vehicle and help ensure seniors can still be connected with their community all season long!

Connect Exercise with the Outdoors

Yoga and Tai Chi are gentle exercises that can be done outdoors, providing the added benefit of fresh air and sunshine. These exercises can be adapted to fit any level of mobility, making them a great option for seniors with mobility limitations.

Spring is a great time to take a walk and explore nature at a local park or wildlife preserve. Caregivers can scout their community for parks or nature preserves with paved and leveled walking trails and even ensure that a park has a restroom on the premises before their trip. Bring along binoculars for birdwatching enthusiasts and a camera to share photos of your outings with family and friends as you capture the beauty of the season.

Outdoor games like pickleball, croquet and bocce ball are growing in popularity with both seniors and adults. Being on the courts with these activities can be an aerobic or moderate activity, but even having an outing to watch friends and family members play at a local court can be just as engaging for seniors!

Keep Springtime Safe & Inclusive for Seniors With Caregiver Support

Caregivers can be a great companion for seniors during outdoor activities. They can provide emotional support, help with any physical needs, and make sure the senior is safe and comfortable. A caregiver can also help make the activity more enjoyable by engaging the senior in conversation, pointing out interesting sights or sounds, and bringing along snacks, drinks and other necessary supplies.

For seniors with mobility limitations, a caregiver can provide hands-on safety and mobility assistance. This might include helping the senior get in and out of a vehicle, providing support while walking, or assisting with balance or transfers. A caregiver can also help make sure that any equipment, such as a walker, cane or wheelchair, is in good working order and is being used safely.

When engaging in any outdoor activity, it’s important to take into consideration any mobility limitations or health concerns. Seniors should always consult with their healthcare provider before starting a new exercise routine or activity.

In addition, for seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, it’s important to make activities simple and enjoyable. Sensory activities such as smelling flowers, listening to birds chirping, or feeling different textures can be great options. Caregivers should also be aware of any potential triggers that may cause anxiety or confusion during outings or activities.

Overall, spring is a wonderful time for seniors to get outdoors and enjoy the beauty of the season. By taking into consideration mobility limitations, health concerns, and dementia, seniors and caregivers can make the most of this active season.

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